Group excursions

Rent a sloop for a staff outing, meeting break, day out with friends or family – everything is possible! Group excursions for 2 – 72 people.

With #bad weather guarantee. We can organise an alternative programme with one of our partners for group excursions up to 24 hours in advance.

Six electric sloops to sail silently and sustainably with 36 people at a time.

Programmes can be arranged for up to 72 people in partnership with Kasteel De KeverbergDe Heere van Meijelde Vermaekerij (Maasbree) and Home of Heroes (Buggenum).

Please inform us of your wishes and ideas by e-mail: We will contact you to discuss your wishes.

Package deals

schipperspensionaat kinderen

Before it was destroyed in the Second World War, Kasteel De Keverberg was a school for skippers’ children. Skippers’ children boarded here and received an education while their father and mother earned their living on the water. Experience this special chapter of age-old history for yourself.

Book a morning or afternoon package.

Afternoon package

  • 12.00          Collect lunch packet at the castle and go to harbour
  • 12.15          Depart on boat trip
  • 14.15          End boat trip, go to castle
  • 14.30          Explore the surroundings, allowing enough time to visit the Skippers’ School
  • 16.00          End of package

Morning package

  • 10.00          Explore the surroundings, allowing enough time to visit the Skippers’ School
  • 11.15          Collect lunch packet and go to harbour
  • 11.30          Depart by sloop
  • Package end time depends on sailing time


The package price consists of the sloop rental cost (€60 per hour for a 6-persons sloop) and the cost of admission, tour and lunch box at Kasteel De Keverberg: € 10.50  per child aged 5-12 en € 16.50 per adult.


How to book:

Would you like to book the Skippers’ School package at Kasteel De Keverberg? Send an e-mail with the details requested below to We will contact you to arrange the details.

  • Name of person booking and mobile telephone number
  • Number of adults and children under 12 for whom you wish to make the booking
  • Desired date and preference for morning or afternoon package
  • You can book 2 sailing hours for the afternoon package. For the morning package, you can also rent a boat for 3 or 4 hours.

fatmax in de peel

A unique group excursion: in just one day, you can explore the beautiful natural landscape of the Peel near Meijel and the charms of the Maas near Kessel.

It is also possible to spend the morning laser gaming. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy a great group excursion with your family, friends or colleagues!

Reservations can be made for this package via De Heere van Meijel.

Relaxation and action. Experience the best of both worlds in one group excursion.

  • You’ll start your day with a really cool activity at Home of Heroes. You can choose between laser gaming and riding an e-chopper.
  • Possibility of stopping for a tasty lunch at Oppe Berg, ’t Roadhoes or Baron Frits
  • At 14.00 you will depart from Buggenum and head for Kessel
  • From 14.30, you can enjoy the next two or three hours sloop sailing. A relaxing boat trip with a silent, sustainable sloop along the Limburgse Maas between Venlo and Roermond.

It is also possible to do it the other way round and start your day by sailing a sloop. Reservations can be made for this package via Home of Heroes

Business clients: Limburg’s best B2B boating experience

When you’re out on the water in one of our silent, sustainable sloops you will have another kind of conversation with a colleague, client, future or current customer. Renting a sloop is also an excellent idea in business terms.

Sail a sloop as a meeting break during a day’s meetings at hilltop castle Kasteel De Keverberg or Chateau de Raay in Baarlo.

VrijMiVa (Friday Afternoon Boat Trip & Drinks): sloop sailing 12.45 – 14.45 and drinks  with ‘Bitterballen’ (Dutch meat-based snacks) at Kasteel De Keverberg 15.00 – 17.00. For groups of more than 25 persons, a longer or later drinks package is possible on request.

For your customer relationship marketing we can offer you an attractive membership deal for frequent and low-priced sloop rental. 

Like to know more about our deals for business clients? Please inform us of your wishes and ideas by e-mail: We will contact you to discuss your wishes.

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